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My Mates

Dis is Kirst even though i havent written about any1 else shes made me write about her. Kirsty is a well good mate and iv know er for tyyym. Shes propa funny n dead easy to annoy, me n Gavin always annoy her well loads in IT lol its well funny! luv ya Kirst X

2 Responses to “My Mates”

  1. xRachyxGx Says:

    hi thom ur new syt is gd not as gd as da gurly 1 i did u tym a go! cu soon luv me xx

  2. ~*~ к ι я ѕ т у ~*~ Says:

    єℓℓℓσσσ ƒσмαѕ!! ηι¢є ѕут єνη тнσυ ι ∂ηт υη∂єяѕтαη∂ ιт мυ¢н ℓσℓ! вт ι ƒιηк ∂ вєѕт ωαѕ 2 ιмρяσνє…ιѕ 2 ρυт α ρι¢ σν мє ση ιт ωι¢н ιℓ ѕєη∂ уα ѕσ αѕк мє 4 1 σкαу!!؟؟ яут єям gσιη gєттιη ѕυм ƒσσ∂ ηω ѕσ вιвι ℓυƒƒ υ ℓσтz χ χ χ χ