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1 Community Day

Posted by sarah on 8th July 2006

Yesterday was 1 community day which is when every1 in the skool goes in2 groups and does somthing different than we normaly do, quite crap, but betta than work. In the aftanoon i just chilled with Josh and Ste playin games on the computaz. Last Night i went to marple agen with some people n had a laff. My voice is propa messed up at the moment coz i got a realy bad cold o wel.

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Posted by sarah on 6th July 2006

Today was anotha borin day at skool the same old crap. The Bus broke down again today on the way home and the busdriver made us get off well before mine and James stop, we had 2 walk for miles. Went 2 stocky after skool with Jamie and bought a McKenzie Tshirt like this 1 but in white, well nice.

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